Positioning lasers with Ø 20mm housing

The positioning lasers from Z-LASER are available with a housing diameter of 20mm and can be used in many areas. The ZM18 family has been a highly regarded product range for many years now. These products meet your requirement for positioning aids or image processing. These lasers are available in green, red and infra-red wavelengths. In addition, the red lasers in this product range come with a surge / spike protection system. An external power source is required for operation.
In contrast, the ZA is a small battery laser with a switch. Its patented power supply makes this positioning laser unique. Battery operation facilitates flexible use. Above all, using this positioning laser is particularly valuable in areas where mains units with a cable are stretched to the limit. Mountings are available for an easy operation. It can be used as a positioning aid with line, point or cross projection.

  • Laser module ZM18B - red

    Laser module "Basic", red & IR, various projections
  • Laser module ZM18B3-520 / ZM18B - green

    Laser module "Basic", green, various projections, 520nm green diode laser
  • Laser module ZA

    Compact battery-run laser with switch