Laser modules

Compact lasers are named laser modules. In contrast to the positioning lasers with integrated power supply, laser modules usually have an external power source, or they are connected directly to the machine. This makes them particularly suitable for installation as OEM components in other machines and systems. Depending on the model range, there is a wide variety of options such as optics, outputs, wavelength, modulation, supply voltage or associated accessories. Our customer-specific laser solutions are characterised by long life span, outstanding beam quality and also the individual requirements imposed on the integrated optics.

  • Laser module ZM12B

    Compact laser module "Basic", red & IR, focusable, various projections
  • Laser module ZM12TB

    Compact laser module "Basic", red & IR, various projections, M12 thread
  • Laser module ZB - red

    Smallest laser module with Ø 6mm, red
  • Laser module ZD - red

    Small standard laser module, red
  • Laser module ZF-peF - red

    Very small focusable point laser, red
  • Laser module ZT - red

    Small laser module, red, exchangeable optics, Textile Pro