Z3D-Control measuring and laser system

The measuring and laser system Z3D-Control includes a laser projektor with a stereo camera system.The hardware base is consisting of a laser projector and stereo camera system, a software package is available optionally. It is explicitly designed for standardized measurements and projections in various industries.
Vastly increased efficiency and reduction of costs can be achieved in assembly processes of medium to large objects by combining 3D object data acquisition, variance analysis and laser-based assembly guidance. Automatic control of the construction results can be proceeded by using target/actual comparison.


Your advantages


  • Material and time saving by an optimized workflow
  • Immediate visual quality control
  • Rise in productivity
  • Laser projection with high representation precision and quality



  • Laser projection system Z3D-Control

    Active laser projector (red) with integrated 3D Stereo vision for the ultimate in alignment and assembly inspection