Laser systems

Z-LASER offers a variety of laser systems in different sizes and with different characteristics for the industrial sector. Ranging from 2D/3D laser projectors such as the LP HFD or the 3D measurement and laser projection systems. These are often used in large production facilities to simplify and accelerate their production processes.

For simple positioning tasks, we recommend positioning lasers: These laser systems are always in use when straight lines and optical marks are used as technical aids.

Laser and camera form a good collaborative team, for example for object detection in image processing applications. Using a modulated laser beam, camera shots, and intelligent software, images will be evaluated and compared against templates. Defective parts can be, therefore, identified and rectified. For laser systems with special requirements, laser, such as the high-performance lasers from the ZQ series, are increasingly used. Very good beam properties with higher output powers are particular features for these, opening out new possibilities for use. Fiber coupled lasers have recently become available - the newly developed laser systems ZFSM take advantage of the superior optical properties of the fiber and are ideal for OEM solutions. More information can be found in the Product range.



Lasers systems overview

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