Laser projection

Without optics, the laser projection would be by default quite unspectacular, because the actual appearance depends on the installed optics parameters. Diffractive optical elements (abbreviated as DOE) are used for this purpose.



Our laser projectors

Z-LASER offers a wide selection of laser projections, among other:

  • Point
  • Line
  • Cross
  • Circle
  • Multi line
  • Dot matrix

Laser projection



What are the different laser projections used for?


The best-known example is the dot laser, known as laser pointer, and used mainly for presentations. Initially, the Z-LASER products were intended for simple marking or positioning tasks, or for a visual guide. The classics in the manufacturing industry are point, line and cross lasers. With the further development of laser technology and the production of optical elements more and more complex optics could be manufactured and installed.

Drawing a simple laser square for the positioning of the contour of a work piece can be done nowadays just by using laser projectors. Symbols or numbers are also practical ways to suggest the next steps in a work procedure. It is much more creative, however, to use lasers to write company names.

Laser projection

Custom made, or unusual projection?

Z-LASER offers a variety of optics to tailor the laser to the customer-specific requirements. Please contact us for more information.