IR laser diode

Z-LASER has produced lasers. In addition to the visible wavelengths ranging from about 400nm to 685nm, the infrared (IR lasers) have come now into force. The relevant near infrared wavelength range starts at roughly 700nm and goes to 1200nm. With the use of lasers in the field of image processing, more and more requests emerge for higher laser performance with various watts. When working on object measurement, it is worth taking advantage of good contrast features.
Our IR laser diodes offer high reliability, and can be used even in harsh environments. They also have very good beam properties. With a wide variety of optical features (point, line, cross, multi line, dot matrix, line matrix), other features such as modulation (up to 1 MHz) and manual focusing, Z-LASER offers a large number of variants to which the IR laser can be adjusted specifically to meet customer requirements.

IR laser diode


Applications for the IR laser

Due to the in-visible radiation, applications for infrared lasers are used not only in image processing, but also in spectroscopy. A good set of camera system and shared lasers are immensely important for the best evaluations, so we offer the most diverse IR laser diodes for specific use. As IR lasers are used very specifically, it is necessary to comply with specific technical protection measures as well as to wear safety glasses.

The standard wavelength of 808nm currently exists in the product families ZM18 and ZM12, ZFSM, ZQ:


  • Fiber coupled infrared lasers ZFSM/ZFMM are designed as an OEM product and offer an optical output power up to 50mW, plus combinations of different wavelengths (red, green, blue and IR) which are possible only due to fiber coupling.

Custom specific lasers or special OEM laser solutions with IR laser diode? Please contact us for more information.