Laser technology

The first lasers originated in the 50´s and 60´s. Since then, many other specific applications have been added again and again for this laser technology. Former Z-LASER positioning lasers were built as massive helium-neon gas lasers. Today, the typical construction structure of a laser includes a laser diode in the small housing.



Lasers technology in the industry

Lasers become smaller and smaller in sizes with more advanced technology features for many applications: In the entertainment industry, the laser can be found in DVD drives or at laser shows. cine as well as processing industries use slightly stronger high-performance lasers for material processing and always find new and interesting applications within the research and science fields, such as the object analysis and spectroscopy.



Fiber coupled lasers

With the development of fiber coupled lasers, Z-LASER brings the quality of laser projection to a new level. Significantly improved system results with excellent optical projection were especially achieved in the area of image processing in conjunction with camera systems. While the classic laser represents a compact system, which integrates all components in a housing, the laser diode is decoupled from optics in the fiber coupled laser. This construction offers great advantages, for example, where high temperatures or space deficiencies dominate in their usage environment; the optical head can be rebuilt in a minimal way.

Laser industry: medical laser