Quality policy

The customer must be satisfied

Only the customer decides on quality. We support the customer with our knowledge and skill to enable customer-friendly solutions. Customer-friendly solutions means to us that we unambiguously identify the requirements profile and implement it consequentially in economic solutions. Quality also means that we supply perfect goods and services at the required time in the right quantity. Quality is when the customer comes back, and not the laser.

Everyone is responsible for quality


Quality already begins in talks with the customer. His wishes, requirements and expectations determine our entrepreneurial actions. We are constantly rethinking our activities. Misunderstandings should be avoided and products and services should correspond with the customer's demand on quality. All employees in all departments are responsible for quality in all of their activities. Quality cannot be tried out, which is why we consistently produce it.


Flawless products


We methodically produce quality; from development and production through to sales. The choice and design of our product components ensure a perfect function. This is why we are constantly aiming for the improvement of our processes and products.

Identification with what we do


The quality of a product is not determined by the technical tools alone. A person's attitude decides on product quality. Quality is created in the head; we encourage our colleagues to think in terms of quality and show what we expect of others. We openly accept positive criticism -it makes us rethink our actions and continuously improve quality. The company management includes employees in important decisions and therefore encourages personal motivation and personal participation.


Regulatory compliance


Ensuring occupational safety, environmental protection and compliance with all legal and official requirements in the interest of our employees and the public is a mandatory task for all our managers.

Z-LASER  is certified according to the ISO 9001 norm. You can view our current ISO 9001 certificate here.