Company profile




Z-LASER is the German manufacturer of laser sources for innovative customized applications:

Laser for positioning (industry and trade)

Lasers for machine vision

Laser projectors for positioning (industry and trade)

Customized lasers (OEM laser solutions)

Since its foundation in 1985, Z-LASER has continued to further develop its laser technology.
This way we quickly became market leaders in many classic sectors, utilizing positioning lasers for alignment, such as:

• Wood industry
• Stone industry
• Metal industry
• Textile industry
• Tire industry


Furthermore, today Z-LASER is also successful in a wide range of new and innovative sectors, which require high-end laser technology and designs:

• Medical
• Food & Beverage
• Biophotonics
• Logistics / Assembly
• Robotics
• Gas analysis
• Electronics
• Science & Research
• 3D Measurement


Our intelligent systems, consisting of mechanic electronics and optics, allow us to cover customer requirements, leading to a high differentiation compared to our competitors.
Additionally, in the last years, we have successfully registered a large number of patents and utility patents.

In total, 500.000 lasers and 3.000 laser projectors from Z-LASER are being used around the world, along with numerous especially customized solutions.
A great number of market leaders of different sectors rely on out quality high-performance products. Among them, between others are: Siemens, Bosch, Philips, ABB, Michelin and BMW.