New Z3D-Control

Laser-projector-camera Z3D-Control

Z3D-Control - Laser projector with stereo camera system

The hardware base is consisting of a laser projector and stereo camera system, a software package is available optionally. It is explicitly designed for standardized measurements and projections in various industries.
Vastly increased efficiency and reduction of costs can be achieved in assembly processes of medium to large objects by combining 3D object data acquisition, variance analysis and laser-based assembly guidance. Automatic control of the construction results can be proceeded by using target/actual comparison.


- 3D surface measurement for medium and large sized objects (>1,5m - 10m)

- No markers required on the object

- Reading of less structured objects and non cooperative surfaces

- Projecting of information on workpiece, e.g. target/actual comparison 


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  • ZQ-blue




    The new compact powerful blue laser ZQ-blue is available.


    The product development of ZQ-blue combines good line performance (homogeneity ±15%) and solid IP50 protection class (higher IP rated housing is available upon request). A special 1W/450nm laser diode provides ultrafine projections while simultaneously producing extremely high power density

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  • The laser company Z-LASER



    Z-LASER is the German manufacturer of laser sources for innovative customer applications:


    Positioning lasers

    Lasers for machine vision

    Laser projectors for positioning

    Customized lasers (OEM laser solutions)
    Trade goods


    We offer customized laser solutions and laser sources of best quality - Made in Germany.

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European Machine Vision AssociationWorld's largest global vision and imaging trade groupInternational society for optics and photonics

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